My name is Anna. I created herbal tea company about 3 years ago.


We deliver exceptional quality, complex flavors, and artisanal experience.


We hold a longtime belief that tea is a lot more than just a drink. Tea has the power to inspire intimacy and connection, two things modern humans need as much as nourishment and immune support.


Vision statement


Our blends are a careful selection of endemic and traditional botanicals used by the indigenous people of russia in culinary arts and healing. All ingredients are natural and hand-picked from pristine terrains and native ecosystems undisrupted by humans.


We care about preserving traditional wildcrafting practices and supporting environmental causes. We do not use machines to crop herbs or shredding equipment to process them. We collect and store our botanicals in their unaltered state and use a natural way of drying. These measures help to better preserve the essential nutrients and bioactive compounds.


We use no artificial flavors, no taste modifiers or boosters, no caffeine, no stabilizers, no GMO.


We use recycled packaging materials wherever possible. How can you use our package after tea you can reed in LET'S GROW IT. 




Our mission


We started this project prompted by our passion for herbal tea and appreciation for a variety of Siberian botanicals and their unparalleled health benefits.


Sincerely yours, TEA ATELIER.

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